Album artwork for Taiko EP


Release date: April 19, 2019
Cat No: Connected 036 D
Barcode: 4250101405181
LVTECE is an electronic duo of Dj’s and producers representing the Parisian electronic scene. Founders of the Horizons parties , the two artists have already shared the stage with many names including David Mayer , Whitesquare, Sobek ,Kalyma D.Y.A. etc. Their music is a mix of Deep House and Techno’s sounds accurately mixed with ethnic rhythms, rich of grooves and organic percussions surrounded by melodic and ambient atmospheres. Their first release ‘Places’EP on Kinesen Records in 2018 received great support from Black Coffee, MoBlack and Mia Mendi leading to this their first release on connected. The EP was inspired overall by the Taiko ,Japanese traditional drums , titled in tribute . Three tracks designed thoughtfully for the dance floor. ‘Mun’ Maybe the most Afro House track of the release and starts with a groove that creeps through the undergrowth in mystery and suspense with a deep bass, strong drums then breaks to a dramatic soaring organ like figure in the vibe of Ennio Morricone. The groove returns with energetic kalimba scores in the rhythm then slinks off onto the horizon, Hypnotic and cinematic. ‘Yoru’ Revealing a pulsating groove with a techno arp and a moody ,emotive piano chord progression which rises in sequenced crescendo.....then the rhythm builds further. A beautiful and detailed journey and already previewed by Whitesquare on his recent Keinemusik Radio Mix. ‘Taiko’ As named after the powerful drums that are its inspiration. A rolling rhythm with flavours reminiscent of early 80’s electro centered around a tom tom groove and an eery dog bark, growling bass and wobbling risers leading to a breakdown with an almost fairytale of a melody played on Taiko drums. This track has real charm.

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