Album artwork for Take A Chance (Blue Vinyl Repress)

Take A Chance (Blue Vinyl Repress) Mr Flagio

Cat No: DR-004B
Barcode: 4250101456152
16,90 €
  • 6414886b66ed7
  • release
Italian Italo disco producers Mr Flagio (the name is taken from the artist's forenames, Flavio and Giorgio) scored big with their debut 1983 hit 'Take A Chance.' It's been a real staple of dance floors ever since and has been reissued many times, but even so still costs a pretty penny on second hand markets. This newly remastered version has it all - the chilly 80s production, crashing hits, pixelated arps and unbridled sense of hope and positivity for the future. All that still rings true even 30 odd years later. The different versions here are all only subtle tweaks, so each one is sure to make an impact on the floor.

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