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Tarenah Psychedelic Research Lab

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Tarenah was one of only two singles pressed under the nom de plume of Psychedelic Research Lab - a collaboration between Scott Richmond and John Selway which began while the pair were attending music conservatory at SUNY Purchase College, in upstate New York. Scott produced the first version of the track for a modern dance performance in 1993. A mix of electronics and room full of live musicians, the session featured an afro-cuban percussionist, a Bangladeshi vocalist / tabla player, a classical flautist, and a reggae guitarist, with Scott on keys and engineering, and John on multiple TB-303s. The duo played the piece to a pal, who said, “Listening to your music is like being in a psychedelic research lab” and the moniker was born. DJ Jonathan Kadish, the chill out resident at pioneering NYC rave, NASA, championed the track and subsequently commissioned four remixes for his label, Gyroscopic Recordings The tune has been elevated to legendary status in certain circles - due to it being a firm favourite of “The Godfather Of Chill-out”, the late DJ Jose Padilla. Jose at this time had a penchant for “ambient breaks / breakbeats” - seminal stuff like the work of San Francisco’s Hardkiss crew and other Bay Area artists. According to close friend Phil Mison, drawn to the Chill Mix, Jose Padilla played and played Tarenah at Ibiza`s Cafe del Mar. It was a daily constant in Jose`s sets for several seasons, and he eventually included the track on the second volume of his essential compilation series honouring said White Isle shrine - put together in the mid-90s for the label React. Sealing the tune`s fate and making Tarenah forever synonymous with Jose and the golden, halcyon, San Antonio, Cala Des Moro, sunsets he soundtracked.

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