Album artwork for Tasse Kaffee

Tasse Kaffee Matthias Strzoda

Release date: September 2, 2016
Cat No: 7BACH1
Barcode: 880319773716
9,70 €
The secret after-hour über-hit of the 90s, Matthias Strzoda’s »Tasse Kaffee«, gets its first release on 7” vinyl on Berlin-based label »Martin Hossbach«. Strzoda is the go-to drummer for Andreas Dorau and Rocko Schamoni. While working on songs for Dorau in the 1995 Strzoda wrote the lyrics to »Tasse Kaffee« while Dorau, Tommi Eckart (of 2raumwohnung, acting as producer) and Strzoda composed the music. The b-side gives us a previously unreleased living-room demo from 1994 by Strzoda of the Andreas Dorau classic »Bye-bye«.

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