Teleport EP

Release date: November 3, 2017
Cat No: Echocord Colour 040
Barcode: 880319885815
11,20 €
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Echocord’s Colour sub-label continues this November with Seph’s ‘Teleport’ EP, featuring three originals from the Argentinian producer. Buenos Aires born producer Sebastian Gelante aka Seph has been kicking up a storm in the Techno world since the turn of the millennium releasing material on labels such as Dumb Unit, Harry Klein, Items & Things, his own Aula Magna imprint and now he joins the Echocord roster on sub-label Echocord Colour following recent releases from Luke Hess and Stephen Brown. Across the ‘Teleport’ EP Seph delivers his signature smooth, dubbed out and intricate style and
the title-track takes the lead with billowing pads, bumpy off- kilter rhythms and choppy stab sequences galore before ‘Delta’ strips back the vibe to raw drums and murky synth textures while ethereal pads ebb and flow through the composition. ‘Motion’ rounds out the package on the flip side, taking a straighter approach rhythmically this time round to allow the snaking dub stabs, rumbling low-end tones and evolving hats to take the lead throughout.