Album artwork for Temulin

Temulin Kids On Acid

Release date: July 17, 2020
Cat No: Soniculture Unlimited 035
Barcode: 4250101419744
Digital Single
Soniculture Unlimited 035
Straight from Lisbon’s underground, Kids on Acid is one of the finest techno projects that emerged from the city having a solid reputation, producing great music and playing fantastic live shows. On this debut EP on Soniculture, Kids on Acid’s path is deep inside the brain harvesting the synapses to make us understand how music can teach us many things. The underlying hypnotism, crafted by synths makes the whole experience much more intense, all synced by the tempo of techno. Kids on Acid can also be more physical and groovy and this can be seen on the track “Cabeda 5 – A Catarina” where you can feel an irresistible will to dance in a very uncompromised and joyful fashion. For the mind, the body or the soul, this EP can suit you in any way you wish.

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