Teo's socks

Release date: July 22, 2016
Cat No: MD001
Barcode: 880319768217
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MONDO DISKO club has been, for over the past 16 years, the flagship for discerning electronic music lovers and dancers in Madrid. With a loyal and enthusiastic crowd and a booking policy that combines a selection of solid resident djs alongside a list of high quality international artists, creating a record label seemed to be the most reasonable step to follow..

MONDO DISCOS is born as an extension of the club, with the sole intention of bringing to light musical projects that excite us, projects with which we feel particularly identified.

For our first reference, which we found particularly important as it will set the tone, we have a very special and mysterious proposal called MENTHO. This is the brand-new side project of a well known house duo that wishes to remain anonymous for now, and wanted to dig deeper into their more experimental side

Teo’s Sock consists basicaly on a mix of electronic, experimental music, halfway between mental electronic vibes and instropected techno. Polirithmic and intrincate patterns with an afro sounding background, deep and moody synth work and an overall endless melodic vibe.