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Testet EP Mike Dehnert



Cat No: TECH-UM006
Barcode: 4250101462726
13,80 €
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Fachwerk boss Mike Denhert rolls up on TECH-UM 006 with for another heavy selection of intuitive techno jams on his 'TESTET' EP. With the focus squarely on the dance floor the Berlin-born wizard's latest creations makes for another unique voyage into cutting edge techno. Kostik with its dark wall of sound opens the release sporting an gargantuan bassline and metronomic percussion that resonates through the speakers. Freakin' Me offers a slow and low machine funk strut, with its heads-down groove and sassy vocal chops. On the flip Mike hits out hard with Mino. A heady concoction that's one part Chicago, one part Detroit, one part Berlin, coming together to create the perfect party piece. Dehnert then closes with one final gem. Sampling a broken escalator from a NYC train station, he engineers layer upon layer of mechanical madness. Creative clanging. Welding sounds and strikes like a vibrating visionary, he presents a final silvery sonic sensation.

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