Album artwork for The Abduction Of Europa

The Abduction Of Europa Alexander Kowalski / George Apergis

Release date: October 16, 2020
Cat No: MOCD018
Barcode: 4250101421365
Berlin based techno producer and performer Alexander Kowalski joins forces with Athenian George Apergis for a three-piece EP, with moC fixture Alek S on remix duties.

'Europa' is a smashing, hammering-everything-in-its-way kind of track, with a catchy bassline and ominous, spacious pads that keep the energy locked. 'Phoenix' is loaded with sonic details in the form of zig zagging synths, scintillating pads and sudden glitches that make for a relentless slice. On 'Cilix', the atmosphere decompresses into a stripped down, bare-bones construction. Alek S chooses to apply the remix treatment to 'Europa', turning it into a rhythmic exploration that oscillates between dub techno and glitch-heavy ambient.

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