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The Art Of Letting Go Supermayer



Release date: November 19, 2007
Cat No: Kompakt 167
Barcode: 880319033612
Kompakt 167
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And there they fly once again! This time around, Kompakt's newborn superheroes Michael Mayer and Superpitcher aka SUPERMAYER get assigned to rescue their friend Ewan Pearson from the greedy Psychoprogs slippery tentacles. And in all honestly, what our witty Englishman in Berlin has done with that cheeky, punkish disco song from “Save The World” is really of a class of its own. In his ingenious Dub Mix, Ewan puts the focus on all those weird and absurd details hidden in the background of the original track. To hear it makes one feel somewhat like viewing the original through a microscope and discovering a previously unknown universe of it's existence. He takes these funny little creatures and lets them ride on a thunderous, bass-heavy groove which doesn't take any prisoners. Such a unlikely but highly effective combination of darkish minimal and absurd ideas is hard to find (with the exception of DJ Koze's oeuvre). Of course the original (what's come from fans as an album favorite) party cracker is present on the flipside's pole position, followed by an jolly good instrumental edit by Mr Pearson once again. He stays real close to the original but as soon as nobody's looking he starts flirting with some unknown musical genre that might have taken it's origin with Armand van Helden's 'Phunk Phenomena'. You're wondering what that sounds like? Listen and see... "one of the most respected names in clubland - Kompakt...(Supermayer) traces an exhilarating journey through the various aspects of Kompakt's character" - DJ Magazine (9/07) "a classic example of creative, soulful techno" - Observer .
Hurra, sie fliegen wieder! Diesmal muss das kompaktsche Heldenteam ihrem Freund Ewan Pearson zu Hilfe eilen. Die fiesen Psychoprogs haben es nämlich auf ihn abgesehen... Also mal ehrlich, was der smarte Brite aus dem Albumhit "The Art of letting go" gezaubert hat, das ist schon eine Klasse für sich. Ewan konzentriert sich in seinem Dubmix auf die verrückten Details im Hintergrund des Originals und pfropft diese auf eine starkes Stück Donnergroove. Ein solche Verbindung von Düsterminimal und hochqualitativem Spass kennt man sonst allenfalls von DJ Koze. Neben dem vorzüglichen Original gibt es dann noch Ewan's Daft Funk Instrumental, das sich sehr eng am Original hält, um aber hintenrum mit einer Art Clubmusik zu flirten, die seit Armand van Helden's Phunk Phenomena existiert, jedoch immer noch keinen Namen hat. Aber macht ja nix. Full DJ Support by Beatschubiger

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