Album artwork for The Best of Dissmentado

The Best of Dissmentado Dissmentado

Release date: August 17, 2018
Cat No: H+P030
Barcode: 880319931413
15,90 €
  • 5b3670164f102
  • release
180g vinyl
At long last! We’re delighted to present a hypnotic time-capsule courtesy of Dissmentado aka Ismael Pinkler from Carisma and Kompakt collaborator, Máximo Graesse Bondino.

Recorded during summer trips in Buenos Aires and spending autumn in Tromso, Norway between 2006 - 2010, Maximo and Ismael met several times during that period and used friends houses and studios to produce a long list of material, selecting later the best of it for this compilation.

The tracks are long and slow, with deep and moving beats and long background sounds dedicated to warm up dreamers and after hour survivors.

The elements develop their movements in a relaxed way through the tracks creating a loose feel. Every beat was played with their hands and there is no arpeggiated melodies to remind you where the ground is.

The release is complemented by a beautiful artwork by the supremely talented Glasgow-based artist, Rosie McGurn

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