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The Black Void Of Space EP

Label: Echocord
Release date: December 6, 2010
Cat No: Echocord 048
Barcode: 880319492112
Sold Out
The first ep from Resoe´s upcoming debut album "The Black Void Of Space" features two original tracks from the album. "Minus And Plus" is a fusion of Dubstep / Techno with tight drum programming and a fast pulsating bass that really moves the low frequencies. The remix is made by no other than Sigha from Hotflush Recordings / Our Circular Sound, who delivers a dark melancholic version that definetly work on a big PA sytem. A deep frequency mood sounds through the track, and the atmosphere keeps evolving with all the elements that comes in and out of the it. For fans of the "Berghain" sound, this remix hits the spot. deMoon is a strictly Dub track that actually was made as demo song for the "Gotharman deMoon Granular Synthesizer" out of preset sounds, but ended up so well produced that Resoe decided to make an extended version of the track for the album. All sounds except for the drums, are the deMoon synthesizer processed through a Multivox MX-312 and a Boss RV-5 guitar pedal.

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