Soulphiction pres: The Chocolette Part 1

Release date: April 14, 2008
Cat No: Mk 024
Barcode: 880319293313
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What should a man scribble about these 3 rhythm-isms from Soulphiction aside from their being absolute killa! Straightup full nutritional value with unadulterated whole grain groove, not buffoon crazy but rather cool composed technique. This here is a lesson with 3 different, above all musical, tact variations flavored for the finest moments in the tonally active night industry. You almost feel for the opposition sort of like: dude, what have you done yet again?! Evident that he knows exactly how it's supposed to run; the man was masked as Jackmate on FAT. For the MK 24, he allowed himself simply a great vat filled with hot chocolate, got busy with that, and straight to the machines and knobs. With a great deal of the fantastic, integrity, lust for adventure and knowledge in his blood such organized club joints waltz forth. The music is for the really emotive-drenched dance floor, where not only the palpably euphoric teeters and bawls, but rather where the dance matters more than the march. That good mood, embracing clubbing for everybody who has the remotest appreciation of what rightly prepared electronic and gymnastic tones are… Part 2 of this chocolate escapade follows on your friendly neighborhood Musikkrause. Maoamba: A wonderful Afro-jazz dervish, pure magical madness for the moments where everything simmers and spins. This thing on the platter mutates into a simple blast of drums infernal, where it can only serve the manic ecstasies at the highest level of bodily extroversion. Rise: A deep, jazz-filled slide which ever so pursuant inevitably creeps under the skin. An exceedingly musical statement to the musical affinity of the club, especially suited for the beginner and finisher of a long house driven locomotive of the night! Such things are hoped from the expressive DJ as a staple, to get at the deepness in his travels. Jungle AD: Bass swells before the Messrs- nothingness manifested whereby the floor is vaporized! Careening and rolling not in every corner and crevice, but right there in the middle! A truly convulsive everything-you-got shop where the wise hold tight the fragile. A clear declaration which serves witness to the ideal of “Music without bass is stupid”!
Limitierte 12" auf braunen Vinyl vom unglaublichen Soulphiction der die Trommel schlägt wie kein zweiter.