Album artwork for The Electric Bee

The Electric Bee Red Axes

Cat No: SNFCC015
Barcode: 4250101451751
13,50 €
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As is encapsulated in the title, Electric Bees EP focuses on constructing strange, uncanny worlds which at times are disorienting, spooky and hostile ('The Electric'); and at others transportive to times past. 'Next One Is Bill' and 'The Bee' combine the retro quality of squelchy, square wave acid synths with an uber-polished production value to see a modern take on the classic sound, whilst 'Axes In The Sky' sees the EP's energy climax. Set apart from the rest of the tracks with a BPM of 130 and distinctly contemporary feel, it gives you a whiplash tour around a myriad of sounds, taking sharp and unanticipated corners at each breakdown.

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