Album artwork for The End Of The World, Vol. 2

The End Of The World, Vol. 2 Expander, Thinkfreak

Cat No: Soniculture Unlimited 012
Barcode: 880319637117
Soniculture Unlimited 012
Hey! You! What Are You Doing? Don’t You Know That Time Is Going? Leave Your Things Bring Your Wings We’ll Have Fun If You Listen To This One Yes, It’s True! Expander & Thinkfreak Were So Hyped Up When The World Was About To End That They Produced Three More Tracks For The Big Crunch (In Physical Cosmology, The Big Crunch Is One Possible Scenario For The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe). And Here We Have The Final 3-Tracker That Was Made To Implode Everything In A Techno Fashion. For Those Of You Who Do Not Want To Hear The Words Of The Apocalypse That Are Part Of Sunburner, There Is A Dub Version Available On The Ep. It’s True That We All Survived, In A Way. The Big Blue Planet Is Still Pinned To The Galaxy, So The Future Should Be Bright With More Productions Of This Dynamic Duo To Come Forward. Let’s Pray.

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