Album artwork for The Golden Ravedays 7

The Golden Ravedays 7 Superpitcher

Release date: July 28, 2017
Cat No: TGR 007
Barcode: 880319825118
12,48 €
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Musically and emotionally, Superpitcher’s third full-length studio album, The Golden Ravedays is a one sound autobiography that exhibits the skill, feeling and style that the artist has honed over a period of twenty years, musically, and forty-plus-years, emotionally. And full-length it is: The Golden Ravedays is an epic album of 24 tracks that was released in January 2017 and is stretching over 12 respective chapter albums during a one-year period. The seventh piece of The Golden Ravedays puzzle will be released on Hippie Dance in July 2017. Number 7 of the series introduces two further tracks of the sound adventure that Superpitcher is taking us on this year. Side A features Andy, music made by Superpitcher in memory and admiration of a pioneer artist and his works. Andy Warhol looks a scream, Hang him on my wall, Andy Warhol, Silver Screen, Can't tell them apart at all, Andy walking, Andy tired, Andy take a little snooze, Tie him up when he's fast asleep, Send him on a pleasant cruise, When he wakes up on the sea, Be sure to think of me and you, He'll think, about paint and he'll think about glue, What a jolly boring thing to do. David Bowie’s lyrics about Andy Warhol mirror the groovy yet deeply moving emotion of this track. The music Superpitcher imagined here is a pleasant cruise in itself and once you wake up from it, you will for sure think of Andy. Side B features Yves. The track starts with a long introduction of harp music and then gently evolves into one of the more fragile and poetic pieces Superpitcher has created thus far for The Golden Ravedays record. Similar to Andy this track is dedicated to an artist, Yves Saint Laurent. What is clear in this music is that there is an intense understanding of the suffering Yves Saint Laurent lived throughout his life as an artist and fashion designer. As only Superpitcher can, he translated that emotion into this beautiful and touching piece of music.

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