Album artwork for The Invasion EP

The Invasion EP Gigi Galaxy



Cat No: RMCE015
Barcode: 4250101425899
12,80 €
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Rawax's Motor City Edition series rattles on here with three blistering electro cuts from Gigi Galaxy, aka underrated Detroit talent Gary Martin. He first woke this EP in 1995 and put it out on Teknotika, but it deserves the new audience it will get with this reissue. The tracks are muscular analogue affairs with jacked up drums and scintillating percussion. Astral synths weave in and out of opener 'The Invasion' while 'The Aftermath' has an off balance groove that stumbles along like a drunk on the walk home from the pub. 'Twinge' is a searing, booming, broken techno banger to close.

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