Album artwork for The Kenya Encores

The Kenya Encores Sven Kacirek

Release date: October 28, 2016
Cat No: Pingipung 54
Barcode: 880319796913
Pingipung 54
8,20 €
Five years ago Sven Kacireks released his legendary album “The Kenya Sessions” on Pingipung. The drummer's collaboration with musicians from Kenya connected electronic, instrumental and field recordings in a unique manner and received kudos from various scenes between techno and world music. For the fifth anniversary Kacirek delivers two more songs with previously unreleased material: The Kenya Encores.

“Siguera” on the A-side is a beautiful gem featuring the voice of the 80-year-old singer Ogoya Nengo. The song has been recorded in Rangala Village at the Viktoria Lake, the exact location where Kacirek had recorded her contributions to the original Kenya Sessions. In the course of her collaboration with Kacirek, Ogoya Nengo has established an international career herself and released two solo albums. The voice on “Siguera” originates from recordings for her first album which was released on the English label Honest Jon's. It has been produced by Sven Kacirek and Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot).

The B-side, “Gonda”, is built upon a recording which Kacirek had made in the process of the “Kenya Sessions” five years ago. It was meant to be a part of the album but has found its final shape only now.

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