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The MBO Theme Klein & MBO

Cat No: BST-X039
Barcode: 4250101463723
14,90 €
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Best Record lights up a surefire classic from the annals of Italian dance music, made courtesy of Italo-Disco heavyweights Klein & MBO, who were not a company looking to get rich, but just 2 individuals: Tony Carrasco (USA), Mario Boncaldo (Italy), in one word... LEGENDARIES! with something burning inside to share. Italy certainly had a huge influence on the nascent Chicago house scene which embraced the best jams of Italo-Disco and created a movement of those simple yet complex sounds like those of "The MBO Theme", beautiful song, smooth and sweet, to give you time to think about some amazing dance moves and bring back very beautiful memories. The song was originally a hit created by the likes of Ron Hardy thanks to his punchy synth bass and captivating European vocals. So this was the first house song ever made and it's from the '80s, loved from the beginning by Derrick L. Carter, one of the pioneers of House Electronica in Chicago and Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, who broadcast on WBMX-FM of Chicago as a member of the DJ team Hot Mix 5. Pure Italo-Disco! Simple analog drum machine (sounds like a TR-606) and analog synthesizer, which in the case of Klein & MBO, is most likely a Sequential Circuits Pro-one. Italo's first purely minimal songs from the early 80s. This sought-after dancefloor gem has been given a faithful remastering touch, as is the Best Record method, which also brought out a previously unreleased edit of the track called "Italian Version", which extends the club qualities of the jam to the maximum impact of the party.

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