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The New You Fantastic Twins

Release date: September 1, 2017
Cat No: Hippie Dance 09
Barcode: 880319823510
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FANTASTIC TWINS, the solo artist formerly known as The Twins, has always carried an air of transmutability - not only in a name creating its own hall of mirrors, but also in a constantly fluctuating sound, from the first spoken word interludes recorded as The Truly Fantastic Dessagne Twins From Saint-Etienne (for the Pachanga Boys’ infamous “We Are Really Sorry” album) to myth-building solo releases on Hippie Dance and Optimo Music, as well as style-bending remixes for La Mverte Vs Capablanca, Moscoman and – most recently – fellow Hippie Dancer Rebolledo.

Following the echo-drenched “Holiday” on “A Very Nice Combinado Volume Dos”, the project from Julienne Dessagne has embarked on yet another transforming journey, leading to the latest outing with the well-suited title THE NEW YOU. Its four tracks prove Dessagne’s ongoing commitment to an open sound aesthetic that works the techno blueprint from the inside out, mutating from foreboding, post-industrial landscape to dazed interzone opera in a heartbeat.

Uncanny rave polaroids from last night’s ill-memorized peak floor flash up on opener SHAKE IT’s mental screen, while follow-up HEY tries to herd its nervously rushing percussion to no - albeit banging - avail. The title track slowly implodes in reverse, pitting Dessagne’s obsessing, molting vocals against a stubbornly no-wave-ish synth bassline and octave-hopping freeform keyboards blown to gaseous smithereens. Post-punk closer TIME SCIENCE kicks into motion with a confused diary entry turned subconscious commentary – while the psych guitar gently weeps all over the neatly arranged furniture. Welcome back, newcomers!
The Twins kehren als FANTASTIC TWINS zurück und haben eine aufregende neue EP für Hippie Dance im Gepäck.

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