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The Palmin Sessions Sven Kacirek

Release date: February 5, 2007
Barcode: 880319359828
13,70 €
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Through Sven Kacirek's solo debut runs a special, peculiar tension between rhythmic speed, a deep calm full of harmonics, and discreet electronics. Tubular bells are omnipresent, the marimba sounds warm, the jazz brush beats (on glass, wood or paper) are virtuoso, the arrangements surprising. The dry concreteness of natural percussive instruments is brought out by Sven Kacirek in a repetitive, subtle harmony, without obtruding. "The Palmin Sessions" unites two extremes: urban fever and contemplative calm. By forgoing the use of synthesizers, and playing exclusively acoustic instruments live, Sven creates an utterly individual, intimate and captivating sound pattern that spellbinds right from the first few tones. The CD will be released on 5th February 2007 via Kompakt and A-Musik. About the Artist: In his musical carreer to date, Sven Kacirek has shown himself mostly as a masterly, innovative jazz drummer, rather than a producer of electronica. After studying in New York (Drummers Collective) and further music studies in Arnhem, he performed at the World Drum Festival in 2000 and 2001, presenting his particular way of playing drum'n'bass, which is larded with all sorts of real-time effects. After that, he founded the Hamburg-based project "field" with Uwe Haas, Muriel Zoe and Johannes Huth, releasing one EP and the albums "Cocoon" and "Trespass". In the last few years, Sven has been playing performances for the choreographers Angela Guerreiro and Silke Zimmermann. In some of these projects, he's working with bassist Beat Halberschmidt (Lychee Lassi). On top of that, Sven offers workshops for the companies Vic Firth and Masterwork, presenting his two textbooks. For the drumming magazine "Sticks" he's publishing various workshops, where he transcribes beats by the likes of Autechre or Squarepusher, translating them to the acoustic drumset. Sven lives and works at the old Palmin factory in Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg district. Release. Feb 5th, 2007 Tracklisting: 1. Heinrich &Helene 2. Comes A Headache 3. St. Charles Avenue 4. Glas 5. Auf dem Kanal 6. Blues For Scooter 7. Neu Pauli Herbst 8. 1000 Hz 9. The Bonbon
"The Palmin Sessions" vereint zwei Extreme: urbane Betriebsamkeit und beschauliche Ruhe. Listening Tip !

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