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The Past The Present The Future (2LP) Damiano von Erckert

Cat No: auslp016
Barcode: 4250101450952
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Damiano von Erckert’s ‘The Past, The Present The Future’ lands on Aus music this November perfectly in time for the winter season. TPTPTF is Damiano’s third studio album and sees him perfectly balancing rave euphoria with more cuddly intimate moments moving effortlessly from deep Detroit techno to the spacious kraut sounds associated with his homeland. ‘The Past The Present The Future’ has depth substance and timelessness all packaged beautifully by design and art legend Eike Koenig.

'The Past, The Present, The Future is for all independent thinking romantics and specialists looking for urban melancholy and the feeling of freedom and security. It is for those who find themselves in the dust and rain of the night darkness. It serves people who are determined to conquer their inner fears and readjust the orientation of their minds to banish stress, anger and despair from their lives. Finally, it is the soundtrack for lovers and fighters who want to slow down time and create new patterns to open up new dimensions in their lives as ravers, dancers and people of the night. It is about forgotten fragments of past sounds and the simplicity of clubbing'

� �'�T�h�e� �P�a�s�t�,� �T�h�e� �P�r�e�s�e�n�t�,� �T�h�e� �F�u�t�u�r�e� �i�s� �f�o�r� �a�l�l� �i�n�d�e�p�e�n�d�e�n�t� �t�h�i�n�k�i�n�g� �r�o�m�a�n�t�i�c�s� �a�n�d� �s�p�e�c�i�a�l�i�s�t�s� �l�o�o�k�i�n�g� �f�o�r� �u�r�b�a�n� �m�e�l�a�n�c�h�o�l�y� �a�n�d� �t�h�e� �f�e�e�l�i�n�g� �o�f� �f�r�e�e�d�o�m� �a�n�d� �s�e�c�u�r�i�t�y�.� �I�t� �i�s� �f�o�r� �t�h�o�s�e� �w�h�o� �f�i�n�d� �t�h�e�m�s�e�l�v�e�s� �i�n� �t�h�e� �d�u�s�t� �a�n�d� �r�a�i�n� �o�f� �t�h�e� �n�i�g�h�t� �d�a�r�k�n�e�s�s�.� �I�t� �s�e�r�v�e�s� �p�e�o�p�l�e� �w�h�o� �a�r�e� �d�e�t�e�r�m�i�n�e�d� �t�o� �c�o�n�q�u�e�r� �t�h�e�i�r� �i�n�n�e�r� �f�e�a�r�s� �a�n�d� �r�e�a�d�j�u�s�t� �t�h�e� �o�r�i�e�n�t�a�t�i�o�n� �o�f� �t�h�e�i�r� �m�i�n�d�s� �t�o� �b�a�n�i�s�h� �s�t�r�e�s�s�,� �a�n�g�e�r� �a�n�d� �d�e�s�p�a�i�r� �f�r�o�m� �t�h�e�i�r� �l�i�v�e�s�.� �F�i�n�a�l�l�y�,� �i�t� �i�s� �t�h�e� �s�o�u�n�d�t�r�a�c�k� �f�o�r� �l�o�v�e�r�s� �a�n�d� �f�i�g�h�t�e�r�s� �w�h�o� �w�a�n�t� �t�o� �s�l�o�w� �d�o�w�n� �t�i�m�e� �a�n�d� �c�r�e�a�t�e� �n�e�w� �p�a�t�t�e�r�n�s� �t�o� �o�p�e�n� �u�p� �n�e�w� �d�i�m�e�n�s�i�o�n�s� �i�n� �t�h�e�i�r� �l�i�v�e�s� �a�s� �r�a�v�e�r�s�,� �d�a�n�c�e�r�s� �a�n�d� �p�e�o�p�l�e� �o�f� �t�h�e� �n�i�g�h�t�.� �I�t� �i�s� �a�b�o�u�t� �f�o�r�g�o�t�t�e�n� �f�r�a�g�m�e�n�t�s� �o�f� �p�a�s�t� �s�o�u�n�d�s� �a�n�d� �t�h�e� �s�i�m�p�l�i�c�i�t�y� �o�f� �c�l�u�b�b�i�n�g�'

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