Album artwork for The Pulses EP

The Pulses EP Losoul

Cat No: APP02
Barcode: 4250101433030
11,20 €
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  • release
After exploring the highs in electricity and the lows of the deep grounds we go further into things. Sensing vibration of the fire below and turning it into a never-ending evolution of sound and groove. This is what you might know about Losoul tracks - and here you can’t go wrong either. There are scattered artefacts of the city bringing vibe and inspiration - the streets, the people, the concrete, the action - it’s all in between. Then there’s the ever-changing beauty of nature out there on a day to just leave things as they are. Soul, movement and emotion. Again Losoul gives a strong example of experience from his longterm career in house and techno production and performing. Two pieces of music timeless in many ways. See you on the dancefloor. And everywhere else.

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