Album artwork for The Reason / Ancestors Fun

The Reason / Ancestors Fun BAAZ

Release date: March 24, 2017
Cat No: SOL9
Barcode: 880319852619
10,20 €
Two deep and driving house tunes by BAAZ!

Since the release of his last SOL 12inch „Swimmer“ (SOL5) quite a bit has happened: Baaz founded his own successful label Office Recordings, he has also created a new moniker for his Dub techno productions as "Eric Miller".

His love of dubby sounds and echo chambers can be experienced in „The Reason“ and „Ancestor´s Fun“, although it´s obvious that Baaz also stays true to his Deep House roots. He skillfully combines spacial structures with his characteristic driving beats and organic sounds.

"The Reason" is a grooving light footed tune with a jumping bassline and develops, step by step, this driving energy, that will not let you go. "Ancestor´s Fun" brings up the energy level with stronger beats and open high hats, but the playful warm sounds and drifting strings keeps the wonderful flow that we love to hear from Baaz´s productions.

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