Album artwork for The Restless Soul EP

The Restless Soul EP Jepe



Release date: October 2, 2020
Cat No: AEON047
Barcode: 4250101421372
Digital Single
Last March we’ve been lucky to have him featured on Lost Tapes Vol. 3 (Pt. I) with his ‘Computer Controlled Drum Rhythm’. Now Jepe will finally release his first solo EP on AEON. The Berlin-based Portuguese producer and DJ has created an uplifting yet nostalgic EP including three originals and a remix by Johannes Albert. The Restless Soul EP began to shape during last spring, as Jepe was roaming between enjoying sunsets on Kreuzberg’s Admiralbrücke and the white sandy beach of his hometown, Aveiro. The first track ‘Congo Bongo Acid’ is an, at times, trippy combination of 80s inspired synths and an electro drumatronic Congo pattern. Following the opening track, ‘Reasonable Doubts’ feels a bit more sunny thanks to a combination of luminous synth arrangements. However, some parts of the song make you reasonably doubt the truthfulness of the ecstatic melodies. Lastly, ‘Restless Soul’ reflects just that with its urgent bassline that leaves hardly any time to breathe. With some delirious keys embracing you, you find yourself listening to disco disguised as house, driving your convertible on a Los Angeles Highway. To complete The Restless Soul EP, AEON invited Johannes Albert to remix the record’s title track. The Berlin-based honcho of Frank Music is never shy to add a soothing melodic touch to the mix, taking ‘Restless Soul’ on an acid- driven tour to the dancefloor. Altogether, a versatile set of tracks delivered by the forward-thinking German label.

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