Album artwork for The Rise Of A Crisis

The Rise Of A Crisis Rebar

Release date: September 18, 2020
Cat No: MOCD017
Barcode: 4250101420528
Rebar go full on dystopian on their “The Rise Of A Crisis” EP. Despite the suggestive title, the first two tracks were composed before the crisis period, yet seem to fit in perfectly with the times. Title track is an immersive incursion padded with drone zaps and warped basslines that instills tension as well as elation, as the tension is released. “Ray Of Light” offers some much needed introspection in a slice of heads down dub techno with a slight progressive tinge. Drums are the quintessence of rhythm on “Enter The Void”, as percussion creates endless spiralling loops of infectious grooves. Ahead of his full release on the label, Alexander Kowalski joins with a reinterpretation of the title track. Known for aptly fusing elements from classic Detroit and historical Berlin techno, it’s this imprint that he applies to the track, turning it into a sleek, electro-spacey cut.

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