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Release date: June 2, 2008
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K2 33
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According to Saussure (1857-1913), a sign is composed of the signifier (signifiant), and the signified (signifié). These cannot be conceptualized as separate entities but rather as a mapping from significant differences in sound to potential (correct) differential denotation. The Saussurean sign exists only at the level of the synchronic system, in which signs are defined by their relative and hierarchical privileges of co-occurrence. It is thus a common misreading of Saussure to take signifiers to be anything one could speak, and signifieds as things in the world. In fact, the relationship of language to parole (or speech-in-context) is and always has been a theoretical problem for linguistics (cf. Roman Jakobson's famous essay "Closing Statement: Linguistics and Poetics" et al.). He is also important in emphasizing that the relationship between a sign and the real-world thing it denotes is an arbitrary one. There is not a natural relationship between a word and the object it refers to, nor is there a causal relationship between the inherent properties of the object and the nature of the sign used to denote it. For example, there is nothing about the physical quality of paper that requires denotation by the phonological sequence 'paper'. There is, however, what Saussure called 'relative motivation': the possibilities of signification of a signifier are constrained by the compositionality of elements in the linguistic system (cf. Emile Benveniste's paper on the arbitrariness of the sign in the first volume of his papers on general linguistics). In other words, a word is only available to acquire a new meaning if it is identifiably different from all the other words in the language and it has no existing meaning. Structuralism was later based on this idea that it is only within a given system that one can define the distinction between the levels of system and use, or the semantic "value" of a sign. That much on the topic of semiotics. The Rice Twin's music talks for itself. Please file under emohouse.
Nach Ferdinand de Saussure ist ein Zeichen die Beziehung (Verbindung) zwischen Bezeichnetem (Signifié, Signifikat) und Bezeichnendem (Signifiant, Signifikant). Das Bezeichnete entspricht einer Vorstellung oder einem Konzept, das Bezeichnende ist ein Lautbild. Das Lautbild ist auch etwas Gedachtes (also ein psychischer Eindruck und nicht die physikalische Schallwelle), da man für sich selber eine Lautfolge gedanklich „aussprechen“ kann, ohne die Lippen zu bewegen. Der Zusammenhang zwischen Bezeichnetem und Bezeichnendem ist beliebig (arbiträr). Beliebig bedeutet hier nicht, dass jede Person frei einen Signifikanten für ein Signifikat aussuchen kann, sondern dass die ursprüngliche Festlegung eines Zeichens unmotiviert ist. Zeichen für die Kommunikation zwischen Menschen bedürfen der „Verabredung“, einer Konvention. Ist das Zeichen erst einmal zur Konvention geworden, bleibt es fest zugeordnet. Soviel zum Thema Semiotik. Die Musik der Rice Twins spricht wie immer für sich selbst. Please file under Emohouse.

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