Album artwork for The Southern Sun EP feat Piper Davis (2022 repress)

The Southern Sun EP feat Piper Davis (2022 repress) Stimming



Cat No: pampa022
Barcode: 4250101450765
12,80 €
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Hamburg's Martin Stimming has defined a unique shade of deepness through years of association with Diynamic Music; melodic and meditative, quietly compelling and possessing a delicate strength. Stimming now enters the Pampa Records fold with two tracks of dancefloor material that magnify the opposing sides of his studio psyche. "China Tree" is a spiky affair that sacrifices melodic sweetness for primal bass and drums, with a raw edge and exaggerated percussion that intensifies into sharp angles. Whispers become ominous and arrive with a sense of foreboding, driving the track's inky sounds to the final dissolve of machine meltdown and mournful strings at its end. "Southern Sun" is its opposing force, building on whispered phrases and melodic shadows that appear and disappear between each beat. Micro sounds are layered and woven into a rich, undulating fabric that shifts and gleams like a kaleidoscope. As sun-drenched and dreamy as it is, the track's unwavering tempo, eventual female vocal, and closing piano solo define its clear melodic purpose.

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