The Trance

Release date: May 3, 2019
Cat No: EZS7569
Barcode: 4250101406911
11,20 €
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Another sure-shot legit reissue from the Easy Streets vaults. Unbelievably from 1990, this forward thinking slab of dark and moody breakbeat techno courtesy of Open Mind (aka Joey Beltram) hits the spot everytime! Harking back to the glory days of euro-techno, pre-jungle, the dark-side and all in-between.... Need we say more? The eerie atmospheres, epic synth breaks and stuttering drum machine programming combines to create the super heavy sound that early Beltram is known for and 'The Trance' is one record that any serious techno or electro lover will need in their bag. Rare as hen's teeth, hard to cop and a total under the radar classic, 'The Trance' is here again, and it's not taking any prisoners!

As we said before, this monster dropped on Easy Street in '90, and has been caned by the most discerning of DJ's and diggers across the galaxy ever since. Every home should have a copy of this, no collection is complete without it. A record that will never go out of style & will always do the requisite damage on any dance-floor it's dropped on. Essential.

Shout out to Easy Street, 0 legit re-issue, re-master & re-press from the original