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An art performance focusing on being lost In space

``The Trip'' began about leaving Planet Earth and searching the cosmos for a new locations to live. Now, at 23 years later, we are entering a new chapter of the project where we encounter The Black Hole "Black Hole". A black hole is a celestial object whose gravity is so strong that no information leaks out, so it was impossible to observe it, and it was only a theoretical existence, but its location was identified for the first time in 2011. The latest research shows that it rotates on its own axis. Black holes are physically contradictory entities that are difficult to imagine, but what Jeff Mills is trying to deal with in ``The Trip'' also overlaps with singularity, which is the beginning or possible end of time and space. Displayed in 5 theoretical scenarios of what could happen after entering through the Black Hole and exiting on the other side.

Special guest: Jun Togawa

The provocative vocalist artist Jun Togawa was invited to participate by Jeff Mills as one of the highlights for this project. Among many talents such as acting and modeling, she is a trailblazing artist representing Japanese new wave, and her emotional songs have an unparalleled impact and continue to break down generational barriers. She is one of the greatest influences on Japanese avant-garde music and media, and her career spans over 35 years.

Jeff Mills, fascinated by Jun's unique way of singingas well as a commanding stage presence, approached her through the right channels and by the evening of the same day, Jun Togawa agreed and the lyrics had been written. The recording sessions of the collaborated songs which were conducted remotely between their locations in Japan and the US, went smoothly.

Two songs are: "Contradiction" and "Hole." For both songs, Jun added the vocals to the rhythm originally composed by Jeff Mills, and the final synth pad added by Shinichi Yamaguchi was edited by Jeff Mills. On "Contradiction" (Long Radio Mix), he wanted to include a guitar similar to the style of rock and roll legend Bo Diddley, which is masterfully played by Kazuhide Yamaji of the current Yapoos.

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