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The Video Dead Chinaski

Release date: July 6, 2015
Cat No: Playrjc 038
Barcode: 880319714115
Playrjc 038
8,70 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Sales information: Dear wanderer,

Ramona is happy to present "The Video Dead", Chinaski's debut-EP for Live At Robert Johnson.

Originally hailing from the high north of Germany – Rostock – near the rough and stormy sea, the young man with interests in 80s video-aesthetics and vintage synthesizers is now calling Offenbach his home-turf. Chinaski's EP starts out with "Time To Kill" – a straight forward hypnotizing jacker directly heading to the synthesized happiness. "Midnight Workout" features a different side to the young talent – sensitive placed synth harmonies packed in a vintage-pop interlude. After a journey through more harmonious domains, "Night School" turns the page again and picks up on those synth-waves and put Ramona away from her calm drive through the midnight heat, right on the dance-floor – mesmerizing analogue deep-house-vibes all over the place. "Hide Society" steps out of context and mixes Chinaski’s affection for the warmth of these marvelous synth-sounds with trippy post-breaking – or even proto-hip-hop – sounds topped off with a weird vocal sample. The title-track "The Video Dead" summons all emotional power Ramona could implant into a synthesizer – the heartbeat-like reduced kick-drum and hi-hats floating around the track are mostly incidental or not even there for the ears. Purely visual.

In video we trust, Ramona

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