Album artwork for The War Is Over But The Fight Goes On (Zombies in Miami Remix)

The War Is Over But The Fight Goes On (Zombies in Miami Remix) Tony Y Not

Release date: July 14, 2023
Cat No: Playrjc 097 S3
Barcode: 4250101457791
Digital Single
Playrjc 097 S3
Following the stellar debut by Tony Y Not on the LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON horizon, beloved members of the family come together on another remix release — Your Exile On My Mind.

Visual and sonic mission statements get a bright twist, moving from a mystic and sensual tone to ascending blazing space. The strong connection in between is shaped by multi-layered emotions despite the unblemished upbeat.

In the course of the opening scene, where Tony Y Not shapes euro-disco sounds in contemporary fashion, Yorkes yet returns to LARJ with »Your Exile In My Mind« and unwinds your thoughts lingering with the original's late-seventies vibe. The remix's popular vocals control the direction, while cheerful twisting and turning synths underline the all-electronic way accompanied by pulsing energy. After her unique Sweet Dreams EP, Freeride Millenium co-founder and Radio 80000 resident Yorkes adds one more highlight to her expanding dance floor works.

The »Full Circle« RIOTVAN master Peter Invasion and his as close as frequent collaborator Gregor Habicht are creating is a beating journey in three parts that leaves no choice but guide and drive you through yet a further cosmic universe. The feel of greater speed and tension catches up after every radiant tuny break. The point of no return.

With a fast heartbeat, Zombies of Miami throw you into the orbit of »The War Is Over But The Fight Goes On«. There is no way of escaping the perpetual smooth circling vocal. The curiosity for what might happen unfolds at the core of the track when the acid line drifts along. Besides a recent Live at Robert Johnson x Radio80000 takeover, the Mexico-based duo inspires with numerous releases on the friendly labels Running Back, Correspondant and Internasjonal as well as their own Creatures of the Night.

Your Exile On My Mind - The remixes will most assuredly go round the divine club scene floors.

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