Album artwork for Thee Church Ov Acid House – Volume 2

Thee Church Ov Acid House – Volume 2 V/A

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This time he brings the second part of the, of course, undogmatic trinity of club EPs that form the catechism of their cult. And this, like the predecessor, is filled to the brim with paganistic mantras, rousing litanies of conversion and e.hrfearing hymns of worship. Effortlessly, the acid priests and discord jockeys (from the Orchyds to Elektra and Buthan Acid to Northsyde and the Church Supremes themselves) summon up the old gods of the Summer of Love 1988 again in the e.lectrifying glow of the gilded dawn. Be it with ritualistic machine funk, hypnotic trance rhythms or rave pianos bubbling over with e.uphoria. Meandering acid tracks lead the cult followers through the dense breakbeat forest before they e.cstatically climb higher on the ladder to e.cognition on revealing sheep pasture. Every track a star, Love is the law, 9303. Or as Sergeant Howie would say: "Bloody Pagans!

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