Album artwork for Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart Sparky

Release date: April 22, 2016
Cat No: OT 020
Barcode: 880319750014
OT 020
Sold Out
Celebrating our 20th release, Glasgow's Dave Clark returns to Optimo Trax as Sparky. He was responsible for the third release on the label as LUMA which featured the club smash "John Broadwood" and recently had another big club hit with "Signals" on Numbers. We are delighted to welcome him back in what is a contunuation of a relationship that stretches back further than we care to remember.

All four tracks here are certified dancefloor winners; from the reach for the lasers, kickless "Things Fall Apart" through the synth rhapsodies of "Black Swan" and "My Prophet", climaxing in the jacking "Seven Daggers". All killer, no filler is often a trite cliche in these blurbs but is entirely true in the case of this EP.

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