Album artwork for Think For Yourself EP (incl. DETTMANN Remix)

Think For Yourself EP (incl. DETTMANN Remix) FBK

Cat No: TP018
Barcode: 4250101444807
13,20 €
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FBK has been pumping out releases since 1994 as a staple in the midwest. Under aliases The Sleep Engineer (Xplor) and Powerhouse on The Acid Junkies' the Acid Life, he has been a shapeshifter with a steady stream of minimal, pure motorik pulsations that embody that Midwest Freak power. Measured yet transcendently driving - a mind-bending wormhole that weaves dark introspective turns into the unknown, Think For Yourself covers a diaspora of modes for the floor - all while encapsulating the energy of his live sets that we know and love. Topped off with a subterranean remix by undeniable icon Marcel Dettmann - a huge honor to have his name grace this release.

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