Album artwork for Thrill Me

Thrill Me Andy's Echo

Release date: May 1, 2020
Cat No: Acker Special 002
Barcode: 4250101415586
Acker Special 002
What happens when a talented singer / songwriter discovers the ecstatic joy that lingers around the powerful pulse of a straight kickdrum? Damn good things, as we can hear on this EP. Between synthe-tic grooves, live guitar and vocal parts Andy's Echo soars to ever new heights. This trip shifts through various gears: ‘Running’ has a beautifully rough edge, ‘Wild Groove’ streams through our conscious-ness with casual funkiness. Andy's Echo can also become a very melodic, dreamy and therefore ext-remely catchy affair, as the German producer proves in the title Track ‘Thrill Me’. If this high-quality material eventually ends up in the hands of slo-mo hypnotists Herrhausen & Treindl... you guessed it: We're in for damn good things at the lower end of the BPM spectrum.

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