Album artwork for Thrust

Thrust Green Lake Project

Release date: June 23, 2023
Cat No: 3000 Grad LP 003
Barcode: 4250101451706
13,50 €
  • 639ae47330589
  • release
3000 Grad LP 003
29,90 €
  • 6478481616127
  • release
Driven by its restless yearning for transdimensional research, Green Lake Project spent these last Earth years in the depths of the club universe. Aptly named Thrust, this collection of ten groove-coded travel protocols is a testament to these deep space missions. All the controls are carefully cranked up to their respective maximum, the propulsion parameters are skilfully optimised for efficiency, the flight trajectory parallels the vibe of the present moment. Decoded inside a dancing mind, alien event horizons open up with bright flares of cosmic harmony spilling out from them and leaping up to the shores of the human soul. We are sucked into rotating plasma tunnels with fragments of rave days long gone seeping through their nebulous green surface. Resonant acid loops, intoxicating glitches in the time-space-continuum and the hypnotic threads of vocals make this ten-fold quantum leap in space techno a pulsating, modulating, transformative album of otherworldly bliss and ecstasy.

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