Album artwork for Together

Together Kusht



Release date: October 18, 2019
Cat No: YNFND 016
Barcode: 4250101409530
14,90 €
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  • release
Kusht surfaces with a playful release full of tottery synths, crisp percussions and mind-bending samples.
On this 6-track LP released on almost occult YNFND from Germany's ever rainy baltic coast, the Scottish producer easily blends bluesy guitar riffs
with wailing electronic pads. 
Shuffled backbeats melt with ominous samples into a sticky glue, trapping every listener into a bouncy dance.
Kusht can already look back on a vivid and versatile back-catalogue but still manages to top it off with a many-sided and thought-out work of art in his signature style. 
This 12" full of folkloristic beats has what it needs to become one of this year's secret weapons, with early support of some of Germany's acknowledged tastemakers.

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