Album artwork for Top Gun EP

Top Gun EP Biesmans



Release date: June 5, 2020
Cat No: AEON045
Barcode: 4250101417702
Since Biesmans made his debut on AEON last year with his “A Long Road” EP, he has continued to build a profile and musical output that is both exciting and ground breaking. So it’s with great pleasure that we welcome him back to the label for his follow up EP “Top Gun” Biesmans has decided to showcase two subtly different versions of the title track “Top Gun”. Version 1 is a stunningly produced lo-fi disco workout with nod to 80’s synth classics. A dynamic bass line underpins a delightfully simple but effective groove and delicious melodies. Version 2 is similar in it’s approach but is perhaps a little more strident. Biesmans said “I often make several versions of a track when I’m writing and then focus in on a particular version. In this case I couldn’t decide so I figured let’s release both!' “Dr Electric” is a more melancholy in it’s approach, with a broken beat, subtle synths and vocodered vocals taking centre stage, with almost blissful prog rock leanings in places. Remix duties are taken up by Permanent Vacation head honcho and AEON favorite Benjamin Fröhlich and Italian duo Phunkadelica. Both have chosen to tackle “Dr Electric” and the results are sublime. Fröhlich’s approach stays closest to the original but employs a tougher breakbeat as the foundation for his version, borrowing heavily from the synth content before delivering a driving bass line to take the track into peak time territory. Phunkadelica’s more traditional progressive house style treatment serves up a more hypnotic mix with a galloping baseline and an ever evolving layered style that draws in the listener until a breakdown delivers the spin tingling moments. Another perfectly balanced EP from the AEON crew with something to satisfy all palates.

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