Album artwork for Topo Chico

Topo Chico Lauer



Release date: July 19, 2019
Cat No: DGTL 009
Barcode: 4250101406355
Sold Out
After DGTL’s first ever Various Artists release it is time to hand over the momentum of the 9th release to one artist only: Lauer. Phillip Lauer has been producing and remixing for decades. He has over 250 remixes to his name, collaborations with Gerd Janson, Fabrizio Mammarella and Tim Sweeney and various EPs and albums under his Lauer moniker. For the DGTL release Lauer gives us the three-tracker Topo Chico doused with his signature sound. Starting off with Inkel Jet 880, maybe best described as a modern Italo track, but without the typical accented vocals, giving you a mean and lean vibe throughout. The thick and synthy bass-line combined with the sharp chords, thumping beat and two effective breaks make Inkel Jet 880 an energetic ride straight to the dance floor. The title track Topo Chico is a softer sounding track with a swinging bassline and high pitched arrangement that builds up to stretched out chords, giving it all a dreamy yet spirited feel. From here on the track continues to build up to various highs, by leaving out the chords here and there, but adding some bells instead, while slowly but surely the chords drop by again and makes Topo Chico all the more blissful. The EP ends with the Topo Chico Tribute mix which starts with an acidic bass line that drops into a bath of soft sounding bells and Lauer’s signature stretched out chords, while the arrangement gives the track a nostalgic vibe, turning more current later on in the track. The tribute ends where it all started, with the thick Acid bassline, making the Topo Chico Tribute mix a perfect ending to the EP. The sleeve of DGTL’s 9th release Topo Chico is yet again custom designed by the duo Boris Acket and Tim Straver.

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