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Release date: August 9, 2005
Cat No: Kompakt 123
Barcode: 880319020216
Kompakt 123
24,90 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
in an era of scatter-brained electronic music compilations, total stands alone. this is not essential trance 35, not this is hi-nrg vol. xii, this is kompakt total 6, this is kompakt. the total series began in 2000, when the koln label compiled their own 12"s. since then, every so often, a new total is born. because it is kompakt, because it is carefully crafted electronic sound -- it has a continuity, a purpose, a constant quality. unlike disposable dance compilations, total contains music you can only find on kompakt vinyl, and even some total exclusives. each and every total is special. kompakt total 6, however, is by far the biggest. with its orange hue in the simple, traditional kompakt design, kompakt total 6 looks harmless. until it is opened -- revealed: a full 2-disc selection of some of the hottest sounds from the underground, on cd for the first time. gems like the debut cut from baxendale (remixed by michael mayer), an unreleased justus kˇ˝hncke track, an unreleased reinhard voigt burner. hard to believe rex the dog has never been on cd, the way it has gotten around. or the landmark nano-trance sound of the mfa. the discerning neo-lounge dj has had scsi-9's "mini" in the record bag for months, here it is for you. the list goes on and on: new ferenc, new dj koze, sheesh. twenty-four tracks in all. that's two dozen kompakt gems in one place, in their trademark collectible design: the circle motif, the sans-serif font, the bright colors. in so many ways, kompakt represents the label of the future. in so many ways, total represents the compilation of today. kompakt total 6 is out, it's two cds... and it's aural dynamite. blasting zone ahead.
Hurra! Hurra! Neue, erlesene Perlen von Superpitcher, Thomas/Mayer, Koehncke, Koze, R. Voigt, Aguayo...

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