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Total 8 Various Artists



Release date: August 13, 2007
Cat No: Kompakt 160
Barcode: 880319031717
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
En-Track Triple Lp Version, Featuring A Selection Of The Best Tracks From The 2cd Version. Artists On The Lps Include: Schaeben & Voss, Justus Kohncke, Reinhard Voigt, Thomas/Mayer, Burger/Voigt, Jurgen Paape + Boy Schaufler, Superpitcher, Mikkel Metal, Dj Koze, Kaito. Two Of The Tracks (Mikkel Metal & Kaito) Are Entirely Exclusive To This Lp. Summertime At Kompakt Means The Release Of The Much-Beloved Total Compilation, And They're On Number 8! This Is The Annual Total Gathering/Party - A Showcase Featuring Kompakt's Shining Musical Moments Of The Past Year, Plus Exclusive Music And A Peek Into What To Expect From The Label In The Future. As Many Total Fans Know, Kompakt Remains Faithful To The 12" Single, And The Total Series Serves As A Hook-Up To Many Of These Vinyl Releases For Those Who Haven't Had The Chance To Keep Up With The Pace Of Kompakt's Steady Stream Of Music. Total 8 Is The Most Diverse Total To Date, Marking A Prominent Return To The Streets Of Cologne And The Musicians That Were An Essential Part Of Building Kompakt's Techno Community. Total 8 Is A Pilgrimage Through The Best That Kompakt Has To Offer.
Neue Tracks von: Burger/Voigt, Justus Köhnke, Superpitcher, Thomas/Mayer, Dj Koze, Jürgen Paape, Schaeben und Voss, Kaito & Mikkel Metal !

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