Album artwork for Touch And What

Touch And What Angioma

Release date: October 7, 2022
Cat No: MOC034
Barcode: 4250101448690
Digital Single
Berlin / Dresden based Made of Concrete continue a long string of galvanised club material with a new offering from the auspicious Angioma. Also now based in Berlin - the Lyon-born artist has a penchant for non-conformist art with an anarchistic twist and this is reflected across his project ROOM which encompasses art, music and cross-discipline collaboration.

The stripes Angioma has earned across these endeavours and his approach in the studio slot him neatly into the 'made of Concrete' catalogue - as evinced in this, his 2nd offering on the label: 'Touch and What' EP.

The EP kicks off with the title track which sets a dense thud through murky, aquatic atmospheres. Synths are submerged and gloomy as the track pushes forward with moody intent. Deftly EQd hats twist and turn as further percussion bleeds into a tense mix - a perfect intensity for an effective warm up.

'And See' then follows up with a quicker tempo as a rubbery kick drives through shuffling shakers and panned hats. A hypnotic, head bending melody then creeps in as nifty filter control has the track thicken and thin throughout as he tone is set bubbling without ever boiling over.

'What Happens' then plots icy stabs atop another stout kick drum and trimmed, minimal percussion. Frazzled signals and a clever mix down create a rich sense of space as the track continues to open out before Rebar weigh in with their contribution.

Mainstays of 'made of Concrete', the duo perfectly encapsulate the label's canon: bold, sturdy Techno which demonstrates the power of simplicity. Their refined revision lays percolating congas and toms over a persistent stab, computer FX samples and a fizzy kick which rounds another 'made of Concrete' EP off in fine style.

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