Album artwork for Tribulations Extra Sensorielles (Reissue)

Tribulations Extra Sensorielles (Reissue) La Funk Mob

Cat No: LSPLP 4
Barcode: 3770018072227
26,90 €
  • 661f91cae5859
  • release
A duo of producers who had worked with rapper MC Solaar released their first EP Tribulations Extra Sensorielles in 1994. Philippe Zdar and Hubert Boombass became known under the name La Funk Mob, offering a timeless trip-hop sound with jazz and funk influences. Signed to British label Mo" Wax, a benchmark in the genre, they proved that French artists were to be taken seriously across the Channel. A few years later, the two friends embarked on a more house-oriented project: Cassius.

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