Album artwork for Trip Book

Trip Book Kusht



Release date: February 2, 2024
Cat No: YNFND 032
Barcode: 4250101467240
Digital Single
"Walking Chapter" stands as yet another hallmark of Kusht's signature vibe. Introducing a rhythmic guitar figure, guided through time and space by his distinctive future sound, it promises an enchanting journey crafted by this mystical maestro. "Walking Chapter" has been in the works for almost two years, starting out as a jam with his long-time percussion Glasgow pal, `Cat Gut ́, who provides the raw backbeat of the track. The song has taken on many faces but found it’s final form when tested through out the festival season of 2022.

"Moon Call" found its life from a “Walking Chapter” B-Side. The rolling bass line was too groovy to discard and found its own identity when Kusht added the choppy Ukrainian chants from a bygone era. The song's lyrics weave a tale of a gentle jigsaw and nurturing lullaby, reflecting a yearning for safety and love. In a war-torn landscape, these themes take on a poignant resonance. The contrast between the soothing melody and the harsh reality of the world outside becomes a powerful metaphor for the yearning for peace, safety and hope.

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