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Triumph Jürgen Paape



Release date: April 22, 2013
Cat No: Kompakt RSD 01
Barcode: 880319076510
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Kompakt RSD 01
11,20 €
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
A label-defining masterpiece, JÜRGEN PAAPE’s aptly titled TRIUMPH is not only one of the best records ever put out by the label KOMPAKT, but also the first one. For RECORD STORE DAY 2013, we decided to polish up the old master tapes and re-release this indispensable floor classic to fresh ears, giving it the overhaul it so clearly deserves. When it hit the ground running back in 1999, JÜRGEN PAAPE’s TRIUMPH sent out a shockwave that would work its way into the collective subconsciousness of the international dance nomenklatura like a knife through butter, both forestalling and consummating the styles and sounds of the new millennium. A spiritual successor to the underground classic REVAL on the legendary PROFAN imprint, TRIUMPH refined the methodology and carved out an unexpected dancefloor juggernaut while staying true to its experimental roots. It is with great pleasure that KOMPAKT presents the remastered version of its inaugural release for RECORD STORE DAY 2013, using the original DAT tapes and pimping the unpimpable by throwing in a surprise remix. An early highlight of a scene that went on to spawn a new breed of electronics, the crips sampledelics of TRIUMPH have aged better than most of their turn-of-the-century contemporaries and remain a blatantly timeless piece of music more than worthy of a fresh print run. Neatly coinciding with our 20th anniversary, this iconic reissue will make you fall in love with the KOMPAKT sound all over again.

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