Album artwork for Trouble

Trouble Matthias Vogt

Release date: September 22, 2023
Cat No: Playrjc 096
Barcode: 4250101461446
Digital Single
Playrjc 096
When you think of Matthias Vogt's diverse output as a producer and musician you can't really avoid the term »jack of all trades«. He’s in this game for quite some time, started deejaying in the early nineties while always playing the keys in various formations - be it live or in the studio. His projects like Motorcitysoul, [re:jazz], or his very own Matthias Vogt Trio are all unique and stand for themselves. As a producer Frankfurt-based Vogt has released music on Large Music, Saw Recordings, Polytone Records, Fullbarr, Treibstoff, Lazy Days Recordings or Lo:Rise/Defected to name just a few. Thus we are very proud to feature these three tracks - his debut for Live At Robert Johnson - and after a couple of listening albums and singles his brand new return to the land of club music. With »Beautiful Trouble« we’re immediately in beautiful territory - luckily without any trouble at all. The beauty lies in the dreamy atmosphere full of fine chords - all on top of a bouncing, yet moderate electro beat. As the name suggests, »Organtic« is of course carried by an incredible organ motif played on a vintage seventies Korg organ which runs through the whole 7 minutes and 37 seconds of this organic house tune. Vogt uses a steady four-to-the-floor bass drum and hi-hat this time, adds a morphing subsonic bass line and some percussion, and sprinkles everything with his own personal touch on the 808's. It's the most clubby tune here and as Vogt tells us is inspired by his love for the music and productions of Superpitcher. The last track is a very special one: »Toledo« sounds completely different and has a life of its own. It simply came upon Mr. Vogt while he had already finished the other two tracks. It's machine music yet it has this human touch which is always so important to the musician that is Matthias Vogt. And of course, that's what makes the man: Hand-made music combined with tight beats from various rhythm machines. We think with this EP he simply achieved his goals full-time - without making any trouble of course.

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