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True Polish Techno Fanfara Awantura

Release date: March 5, 2021
Cat No: AUT02 CD
Barcode: 5908252861255
13,50 €
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Polish folk melodies to a techno beat and—as if that wasn’t enough—played by a 9-piece Big Band? This is „True Polish Techno” - the fabulous new album by Fanfara Awantura coming out in February. The first single from the album: Polka „Techno Dziadek” is accompanied by fantastic remix from maestro Michael Mayer himself. This is the kind of techno blast we’ve been waiting for! The mastermind behind the project is Michał Fetler, known from well-know and respected Polish bands: Jazzband Młynarski Masecki and Polmuz. Together with his orchestra he’s managed to create some true club bombs, enchanting the audience with Slavic lyricism and captivating them with a crude jazz cut at the same time. „True Polish Techno” is a thoroughly new guise of Fanfara Awantura, who so far have mostly been associated with Balkan-punk aesthetics. After many years of the Gypsy-like garb, it’s time for a coming-out of sorts, to reveal a full-blown, techno-polo-futuristic facet. The seemingly traditional brass orchestra will astonish you with how skilfully they weave rave, psytrance, progressive, minimal or Detroit techno. Still, although their compositions have the oomph fit for any club, the polka or walcerek motifs betray that techno-winded crew are well conversant with both Goran Bregovic , Brandt Brauer Frick and the dance-vibrant jazz of the giants from Sons Of Kemet. Prawdziwie Polskie Techno was conceived following a special request from the Radio Centre of Folk Culture at Polskie Radio. The institution celebrated its 25th anniversary with a concert for which Michał Fetler (Jazzband Młynarski Masecki, Polmuz) composed seven original variations on folk melodies from south-eastern Poland. The pieces combined some no-nonsense techno and electronic music with the sound of an armed forces marching band and a folk ensemble to the accompaniment of ecstatic synthesizers to boot.

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