Album artwork for Trust

Trust Kaito



Release date: September 28, 2009
Cat No: Kompakt CD 074
Barcode: 880319040320
Japan's veteran dance producer HIROSHI WATANABE aka KAITO is that familiar whisper in the centre of KOMPAKT's kaleidoscopic strobe light to the many loyalists that know us well. To think it has been over 8 years since he dropped the unsuspecting masterpiece “Beautiful Day” on our doorsteps makes us as giddy as the realization that we have watched his son grow up having graced the cover of nearly all 13 releases for the label. KAITO remains one of Japan's biggest dance producers and undeniably one of the most respected artists from Asia remaining a top 3 best selling artist in Japan, USA and Greece for KOMPAKT. The silhouette of his son on the cover of “TRUST” signifies a change of pace for KAITO…dare we say WATANABE has created one of his most matured and meditative releases to date. Fear not, the euphoria remains - KAITO continues to flow through his melodies with a remarkable ease and grace that is rarely heard by producers of today. Throughout “TRUST”, KAITO seems to want to draw the listener into an aura of introspectiveness - an elative earnestness that signifies true growth and a change of pace for this talent that is sure to be welcomed by many considering these serious times and certain to draw new fans to his already full table. Another classic moment for KOMPAKT from one of our most endearing producers.

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