Album artwork for Tryads EP

Tryads EP Dominik Marz

Release date: November 10, 2017
Cat No: AND 021
Barcode: 880319884115
AND 021
8,70 €
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DOMINIK might be known as a resident DJ of the CLUB SCHWARZES SCHAF in his hometown AUGSBURG. There he started throwing parties alongside DANIEL BORTZ and developed his style of DJing. Over the past years DOMINIK released music on labels like PASTAMUSIK, SUOL, LIEBE DETAIL and O*RS. He is also part of YANDOM ( a project together with YANNICK LABBÉ). DOMINIK’s productions are influenced by various kinds of music, let it be techno, house, disco or electronica – a mixture you can hear on his recent TRYADS EP on &ND MUSIC. A sound already loved and played by the likes of SBTH, BARNT, MARVIN & GUY, AERA and many more. At the moment DOMINIK is working on EPs following his EP on &ND MUSIC, both solo and as YANDOM.

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